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Recruit &
Build Green Alliances!

We put Nature, People and the Planet at the heart of your recruitment trajectories with our referrals based sharing platform!

Who We Are

The Leading Green Changers in Recruitment

We create a green step-change in the future of recruitment industry. We put Green Impact in the center of every recruitment project worldwide by creating new systems of Alliances to run recruitments. 

We’re a talented group of HR experts and passionate engineers with a groundbreaking idea designed to contribute towards a better tomorrow, facing the urgency of climate change.  At Kanopiiis, we believe that our paradigm change and technological edge can lead all employment actors united in our new form of alliances towards a sustainable future. 

Disruptive Solution

Alliances are at the core of our green recruitment sharing platform. 

Each cross-economic alliance unifies 4 actors; Recruiter, ReferrerNPO and Talent, around one recruitment project based on our genuine referral framework.

By gathering Alliances for recruitment project, Kanopiiis community promote new career sustainable solutions. 

Our platform allows talent acquisition through a less costly, more efficient, and sustainable process with shared positive impact for a greener world.

KNP_Four_trees FINI.jpg
Image by kazuend

"We have an incredible opportunity to reimagine and create entirely new sustainable industries, products, services and supply chains while in parallel helping to transition existing systems to a more sustainable trajectory.
We must now put Nature, People & Planet at the heart of global value creation."


Successful Alliances

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