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Kanopiiis Guiding Principles

We believe that together we can reinvent the world of recruitment to create a sustainable society in which sharing network enables everyone to grow by contributing to a sustainable cause through partnership with social projects of non-governmental organizations.

Reducing the recruitment industry costs , increasing value and chances for everyone by sharing, is our mission. Share and have a chance to be part of a social mission.

By our model you will not have to worry about being the best in the world, the best for the world. Beyond your cost reduction approach, you can optimize career opportunities, help your network, develop the principle of interdependence: just like on the canopy, we pollinate your ecosystems of partners, employees, relationships in your networks, customers.

Our platform, as human as it is highly technological, is based on the relationships formed thanks to kanopiiis in order to strive for a world in which human factor and talent are in perpetual progress.

Working with our guiding principles

We are dedicated to what we create

We know how to change the course of old habits that do not benefit everyone, not even those who monopolize the single profit, for lack of effective solutions. This is the reason why, with Kanopiiis, we are continually learning to increase the value we create together and progress with our users

We reduce unnecessary costs

Continuing to optimize what is obsolete is a waste. However, reducing at the same time the unnecessary costs associated with dominant positions is a source of a double gain: gaining value and image by sharing solutions while saving money. This is the impact we will produce together.

There is no evidence in finding solutions to the problems you encounter and entrust our platform: Talent and reputation are essential issues multiplied to infinity. We responsibly and rigorously make decisions thanks to curiosity and depth of analysis implemented by our systems.

We know how to lead the board with a positive vision

We are experts in the former world of Talents and we believe in our mission to change the rules of the game to widely share new systems advantages. We advocate as a team the spirit of trust between us and our interlocutors in order to reinvent a more open positive world.

Human Resources Economy according to Kanopiiis

Our vision of talent access is based on the future production of gain for all thanks to the valued sharing of each contributor’s reputation as well as the improvement of its image by its sustainable action of recommendation and donation to the sustainable causes of society.

Unearthing Talents or career opportunities is based on the value of the links that have been forged, beyond pure commercial exchange monopolized for too long, trusted and therefore too expensive and thus a source of waste.

Our ecosystem makes it possible to reach the resources out of range of expensive old systems, by the recommendation, valuing the reputation of each actor, by the interactions and building links: the one who needs Talent, the one who knows the adequate Talent, the one who proposes his Talent and those who promote their societal cause by sharing it.

Our Human Resources Economy is responsible, lucrative and rewarding. By implementing it with you, this will result in the final impact of Kanopiiis.

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