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The value of Kanopiiis is to mobilise more contributors through a sharing economic system with alliances around recruitment projects based on referral models with social and sustainable impact.

Members of an Alliance are:

  • Talent, who’s looking for job opportunities that fits its career evolution. 

  • Recruiter, who’s willing to share its open job positions to find the adequate Talent based on our referral system.

  • Referrer, an important influencer of the recruitment process who have the chance to give the Talent job opportunities through the referral framework.  

  • NPO, an active actor of Kanopiiis sharing economy that benefits from new funding sources from recruitment industry. 

Our Alliance ecosystem intends to transition the existing digital recruitment industry systems towards a sustainable trajectory.


Make your recruitment responsible!

Join a new hiring approach by creating and animating a wider community of Talents, Referrers and NPOs around your recruitment needs with green positive impact. Our mission at Kanopiiis is to create an approach for each of your Talent needs that makes it a future green resource.

How?  By creating an Alliance around your search for candidates, between you, your talents, their referrer and a NGO partner of your choice.



Monetize your network and help great causes!

Referring talents in your network is a way to gain profits and contribute to your e-reputation increase with your own positive storytelling. Our mission at Kanopiis allows you to monetize your contacts (personal and professional) to help them in a search for new job and at the same time to make it a green eco-responsible approach.


Your new source of financing and visibility!

With kanopiiis value based on the sharing economy, non-profit organization will benefit from recruitment industry  by getting contributions and build new alliances around your projects.



Be talent responsible!

Find a trustworthy recommandation in your network for your career. Launch alliances with referrers and make your employment the next step part of a great story.

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