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Kanopiiis, what about this name ?

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

In 2017 we decided to bring our smarts together to integrate positive impact into our business, the recruiting industry. We, these are two headhunters with over 40 years of experience in the world and two digital experts with as many years in various fields, from code to AI.

We were convinced that the sharing economy principle was the right basis to get more users involved in our cause: adding benefits to the traditional dual model (you pay a lot for a service and I deliver it with a high margin and that's it!)

By setting up a sharing platform (and not a job board that by digital optimizes only by the technique a dual employer-candidate relationship), we were going to give access for more users to what did not belong to us, to none of us, like AirBnB or others.

By installing sharing on the issue of recruitment we saw that we were creating a new ecosystem, like what biologists have discovered by analyzing the canopy of large forests where amazing alliances and rich life reign.

Moreover, through the sharing and the benefits given to each actor of the sharing, we decided to put the reforestation in the middle of our added value, in the center of our contributions.

Here we are, all the elements were gathered so that we adopt this beautiful word of CANOPY for our innovative project.

Let's climb to the top of these great trees that are the careers and networks of each other and help under our canopy our NPO partners for a sustainable future with their reforestation efforts!

Long may the canopy last!

Let's share through Kanopiiis! Join us and form your Alliances

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